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Do you want to know Nitai in Tattva? Approach Nitaipreshthji

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #1

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
Namah Om Gaurangapadaya Nitaipreshtaya Bhutale Srimate Bhaktiratna Sadhu iti Namine Nitai Vayulekhan Nitai Lila Vitarine Radha Bhaktivinoda Ashraya Pradayine :pray:

Nityanandam Aham Naumi Sarva Nanda Karam Param Harinam Pradam Devam Avadhuta Shiromanim :pray:

It is my greatest good fortune to have the privilege to publically glorify Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and receive the benefit of pleasing both Him and His most dear Lord Nitai.

If you want to know Nitai in Truth, then you must approach Srila Nitaipreshthji.

Nitaipreshthji is the heart of Nitai’s Mission and Nitaipreshthji’s heart is the resting place of Nitai.

From Him, all of our knowledge has come. Srila Prabhupada has mercifully come to the West to deliver the most fallen, and I am among the ranks of such souls. Sastra says that one must take the shelter of a living Guru (BG 4.34).

For all who have not gotten the most good fortune of taking direct shelter of Srila Prabhupada you are not at a complete loss. There is this one Mahabhagavat Acarya who is present and in the same line as Srila Prabhupada. Not only does He know all of what Srila Prabhupada has written; He has also extracted the very essence of what Srila Prabhupada taught (Nitai Ashraya). We are full of defects so we couldn’t decipher what direct path to take in our way of surrendering to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

All of the Divine Forms of the Lord are nondifferent; however they do have different tendencies. Our Nitai’s tendency is causeless, unconditional and undeserving mercy. He will accept our service even if while completing our service we have many defects. When this confidential information is leaked to the public, how can they refuse Lord Nityananda Ram?

Even if they are refusing, Nitai refuses to refuse them! This is because they have heard His name once from a follower of Nitaipreshthji, so Nitai cannot leave them. This is the most merciful trap of all time and there will never again be such a merciful trap.

The qualities of Srila Nitaipreshthji are almost identical to that of Lord Nityananda Prabhu in that He never rejects even the most degraded soul. He is constantly the guide and well wisher of all souls whether they are following properly or not. If one is not properly following the orders of Sri Guru, Sri Guru is completely able to reject that individual. But our Nitaipreshthji is not like that. Instead He spends more time on that soul trying to perfect them so that they will be able to maintain a lifetime of service without Maha Maya Deviji capturing them.

In this way, I know that I could never leave Nitaipreshthji’s shelter even if I wanted to. I have heard the Pure Name of Nitai from Nitaipreshthji and His Divine Entourage the Nitaibhakts. As a result Nitai will not leave me alone.

P.S.: My warning to the people who care nothing for Nitai and do not want to care for Him is that you kindly avoid going to Ekachakra and meeting Srila Nitaipreshthji. All who go there will never leave because Nitai will capture their hearts. This is a byproduct of His Darshan.:pray:
Also, don’t think of or envision Ekachakra Dham either because Nitaipreshthji can capture you there as well.:pray:

All glories to Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva,

Your fortunate servant,
Nitai-Bhikshu das

(Madan Mohan Das ) #2

Joy Nitai , Dandavat Pranams to your Lotus feet. You quoted “Nitaipreshthji’s heart is the resting place of Nitai.” and in Guru Purnima slide I showed the same. Same thoughts, thro words by you and by drawing by me that is only the difference. All glories to you.

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #3

Yes! You are always serving Srila Nitaipreshthji. I’m trying to be like you. So this is how we are always coordinating with each other. Our source of inspiration is the same (Nitaipreshthji).:smiley: