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Direct Words of Shrila Gaur Kishor das Babaji about the Paramount Importance of Mantra-Syllables’ Visualization and Writing

(Nitaimani das) #1

“You are all the servants of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Your servant am I. You have given me the name Gaurakishora Dasa. You should take care that this name is not disgraced. Mahaprabhu has given you the Name “Sri Krishna Chaitanya” and the mantra containing sixteen names and thirty-two letters. YOU SHOULD WRITE BOTH IN BIG LETTERS AND KEEP THEM BEFORE YOU AND DO JAPA WHILE LOOKING AT THEM. You should not look at or think of anything belonging to the world of Maya. THE LETTERS OF THE NAMA-MANTRA HAVE SUCH SHAKTI (POWER) THAT IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO JAPA WHILE LOOKING AT THEM, YOU WILL ONE DAY HAVE THE DARSHANA OF SHRI RADHA-KRISHNA WITH THEIR PARIKARAS (COMPANIONS).”

Your servant,
Gaurkishor das babaji

Brief discussion about Vayulekhan
(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #2

This is exactly what I have been saying from the very beginning. Now, finally, we have our Nitya-siddha Shrila Gaurkishor das Babaji’s most authorized stamp of approval for Nitai Vayulekhan directly based on his personal revelations. Many thanks to the inexhaustible efforts of our scholar @Nitaimani das to find more and more shastric pramans for Nitai Vayulekhan!

(Nitairam das) #3

This article is hope against hope… Gaur kishor das babaji maharaj ki jay:raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Manjari dasi) #4

Joyyyy Nitaaaaaaaaiiiii !!! What a marvellous proof this is !!! Just right at the point !!! This proof can become a revolutionary proof due to the author being Gour Kishore das babaji Maharaj… !!! Jay ho Nitaimani das prabhu ki !!! Jay ho Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva ki jinhone aise bhakt ka sang humei diya !!!

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #5

Now I feel even more enthusiastic to spread Nitai Vayulekhan globally even more vigorously than ever before knowing that it will quickly award direct darshan of Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna to all souls who do it, even if they are utterly fallen and unqualified.

(Reema Kamat) #6

Shrila Gaur Kishor das babaji ki Joy ! Vayulekhanacharya Srila Nitaipreshtji Gurudev ki Joy ! Nitaimani das pg ki Joy !

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #7

Nitaaaaai! Truly suprising. HG Nitaimani das prabhuji is doing wonders by deeply researching to find out these proofs. Jay Guru kripa:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #8

Doyal Nitai! Joy Srila Gaurakisora das Babaji Mahasaya! All glories to Nitai Vayulekhan:pray:

(Nitaichand das) #9

Haribol… Joy Nitai :raised_hands: Superb research work by Nitaimani das prabhuji :pray: :pray: :pray:The writeups of Srila Gurudev and the trio - Nitaimani das prabhuji, Nityanandi dasi mataji and Nitaisevika dasi mataji are so profound, deep and relishable that I read their posts 3 to 5 times. and even more … Joy Joy Joy… all glories to their super excellent writings. Joy Nitai :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: Joy Gurudev :pray: :pray: :pray:

(Madan Mohan Das ) #10

Though Babaji Maharaja could neither read nor write he was regarded as vastly learned and self-realized. Who could be more intellectual than him on this planet without knowing to read and write was knowing the power of Writing the Mantra ?

(Madan Mohan Das ) #11

HG @Nitaichanddas prabhuji dandavat pranams to your lotus feet.

Yes, what you says is correct. Therefore I always think that I should not write as no body is interested in reading in what I write because if any one reads what I write he will forget all the knowledge of vedas. And who ever will come in my sanga or will see my face he will fall down immediately. Joy Nitai.

(Nitaichand das) #12

Just like Sad Goswamis delegated the preaching responsibilities to Srinivas Acarya, Narottam das Thakura and Shyamananda Pandit, our Gurudev has also delegated to our trio - Nitaimani das prabhuji :pray: :pray:, Nityanandi dasi mataji :pray: :pray: and Nitaisevika dasi mataji, the preaching responsibilities and they are doing exceptionally well in preaching about Nitai bhakti. These 3 pure souls along with Gurudev are going to sweep the world with the waves of Nitai bhakti :pray: :pray: :pray: Joy Gurudev :pray:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #13

MARVELOUS! Ab aur kuch kehna baki hi nahi hai! This is it! Ultimate proof!

(Hem Gauranga das) #14

Beautiful research by HG Nitaimanidaspg…All glories to him…joy Nitai…Jai Shrila Nitaipreshthaji Gurudeva…

(Radhasakhi dasi) #15

Same as Jagannatha Das Babaji used to tell…please write the mantra and visualize its meaning…as he chanted the Hare Krishna mantra and mantra itself were spotted and reflected in that keli kadam tree in front of his bajan kutir by the ever lasting bajan of siddha Srila Jagannatha das babaji Maharaja…same as…Direct Words of Shrila Gaur Kishor das Babaji about the Paramount Importance of Mantra-Syllables’ Visualization and Writing
(By Markhandeya rishi das prabhuji)

(Radhasakhi dasi) #16

Seeing his Guri nishtha puts me to shame. How unfortunate I am that I don’t get direct association of such devotees who has such deep rooted faith and die hard need to serve his Gurudev. He is the epitome of humility … his words has so much power to convince just anyone to surrender to Guru and Nitai. Anyone will fall on his knees with tears in his eyes wanting to serve Gurudev and Nitai for the rest of eternity.:pray:t2:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #17

So so true! I had the exact same feelings after hearing the heart melting katha. He really makes one’s heart cry out for Gurudev and Guru’s service.
The best part is that every word is coming straight from his heart…he believes and lives by every word that he is saying

(Radhasakhi dasi) #18

I agree to one thing. Someone has really prayed hard for me to have got such a Gurudev and association of such God brothers and God sisters🙏

(Madan Mohan Das) #19

Is there any authority of this article…? Whom one baba ji maharaj was saying all this…?
Plz clarify more to make strong faith.

(Mohit Kumar) #20

Joy Nitai! Prabhuji, this babaji maharaj is none other than Srila Gaura Kishora das Babaji, one of our great Acharyas. He was the Diksha Guru of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur (the Paramgurudeva of Srila BV Narayan Maharaj) and is an associate of the Lord, being Guna Manjari in Krsna Lila. Therefore we have to take his instructions on our head.