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Deliverance of Ghosts

(Rāmānanda Dāsa) #1

I also would like to ask you another thing. There are many bhutas in western countries since cremation here is very rare and they use to be very attached to their bodies and families, so what about doing Vayulekhan in the cemetery for the benefit of these disturbed souls?

Ansswer by Shrila Nitaipreshthji: You have to keep a portable electric battery fan pointing at your finger when you do Nitai Vayulekhan at the cementery so that the Nitaized air blows and pervades that whole area very widely and delivers the ghosts in their ethereal bodies.

(Rāmānanda Dāsa) #2

Great, and in their next lives they can become nitaibhaktas :smile: … I’ll also read Nityananda Caritamrita to them … Joy Nitai !!!

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #3

Oh those ghosts in Brazil will be so lucky as their deliverance will be swift and unique through the Nitainam Air, like no other ghosts ever before!

(Phemelo Sebaetse) #4

Dandavats Pranams :pray: :expressionless: