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Cry in Love for Nitai

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:maple_leaf: Oh bhaktilata is left far behind by Nitainam. It directly gives premaphal, the fruit of Bhakti, which is prema. Brahmara durlabha prema sabakare dibe…

:maple_leaf: Teen Akshar Nitainam ke, Bole So Premi Hoy!
It is of our master Krishnadas Kaviraja. Nityananda bolite habe krishna premodoya …

:maple_leaf: Haaay!!! Why can’t I cry with full love for Nitai? Why can’t I feel the full depth of the words of Srila Lochan das Thakur? When will that day be mine? How long would I have to wait to feel that all-powering love for Nitai? Alas, I don’t want this life to end without attaining it!!! I am hoping against all hope with my fingers crossed!!! But if I have to take another birth without feeling Nitaiprema then I don’t know if I can take it anymore!!

:maple_leaf: As long as we can’t weep bitterly for the most easily accessible Nitaiprema daily prabhuji, it does not matter whether we live or die or which number of life it is!