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Connection of Balaram and Radharani

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

Question: I can’t put Baladeva and Srimati Radharani in the same place or even same sentence because Srila Gurudeva said that it’s proper etiquette that the elder brother never talks with his younger brother’s wife. So we have Ananga Manjari. She is another manifestation but in relation with Radhika whereas Nitai isn’t directly related to Radhika.

Joy Nitai ! Haribol! Lord Balaram, He was the one when Krishna gave the shankhchura jewel to Balaram and Balaram Himself put it on the neck of Radharani, offered it to Radharani. How can one say that Balaram never talks with Radharani or Balaram is never with Radharani? There are so many pastimes in Ananda Vrindavan Champu and Gopal Champu and all other pastimes when all the sakhis with Krishna Balaram are also present. Only the most intimate conjugal pastime Balaram is not there. But its not a taboo that Balaram is not there with Radharani at all. That is not correct. Infact even Narayan Maharaj himself says that Balaram as Ananga Manjari is the connection to Radha.

And the point is Radharani is not wife of Krishna. Its parkiya rasa in Vraj as a paramour, the parkiya rasa so Radha is not officially married to Krishna in eyes of Yashoda or any of the vrajvasis. So what problem would Balaram have to talk to Radhika? In the spiritual world of Goloka, how can one remain totally aloof of other associates, everyone is friendly to each other so its only when Balaram is enjoying with His own sakhis, then Radha and Krishna enjoy with their own sakhis. That is the time but there are times when Krishna and Balaram are together with Radharani and Balaram sakhis and everyone sakhis, everybody is together.

Also in Ram Lila you will find as Nitaimani das correctly pointed out that Laxman, He was serving Sita, Ram’s wife, His brother wife. He was not like totally aloof from Sita. He used to always talk with Sita, He used to look at the lotus feet of Sita, serve her and when Ram went to hunt for the deer marich, then Ram put Sita under the protection of Laxman, so even Laxman is also brother, Laxman is Balaram ,laxman is Nitai. Still Laxman is talking to Sita. So how can one say they have no connection at all? So Radhika mantra do vibhu. Why is Nitai’s name put in same line with Radha Krishna by Narottam das Thakur? Heno nitai vine bhai radha krishna paite nahi, this is one line. Nitai karuna habe braje radha krishna pabe. Nitai’s name is put in same line as Radha and Krishna, how’s that if Nitai and Radha have no connection? Jay Jay Nityananda charnarvinda jaha hoite ami painu radha govinda. So many places it is said. Even Nitai’s name, one of His name is radha mantro do means one of Nitai’s names start with Radha’s name, so how can we say Nitai and Radha have no connection?

Answer by Shrila Nitaipreshthji
(October 12, 2016)