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⚜⭐️ Chanting Harinam Mahamantra Should be Maha Nitai Prema Manthan! ⭐️⚜

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:rose:Break Open the Storehouse of Nitai Prema

We should chant Harinam with the intense bhava that the holy names are the inexhaustible reservoir of the most desired object in the whole creation, Nitai prema, and we are begging Nam Prabhu, crying out to Him in desperation, to grant us a drop of that suvimala prema. We are not simply chanting, we are imploring Nam Prabhu to break open the storehouse of Nitai prema and give us at least one drop of its intoxicating contents. While taking every name we should feel inspired knowing that we are churning love for Nitai in our hearts to make it more and more condensed and to increase the flow of that love.

:sunflower: Vipralamba for Nitai While Chanting Mahamantra

Our chanting should be reflective of our intense desperation, mad hankering and great determination to obtain Nitai prema by any means. If someone were to mercifully reveal the medium of acquiring Nitai’s love, how crazily would we jump onto that means? Nam Prabhu is that means. Now it is all on our deep resolve to bash our heads at His lotus feet until He agrees to grant us our most cherished treasure. By chanting with complete absorption in this mood of attaining Nitai somehow by Nam Prabhu’s kripa, it constitutes of viraha bhava for Nitai…since we are crying for Him. This should actually be the original mood of chanting - crying. Crying for Nitaichand’s mercy.
And ultimately, it is Doyal Nitai only Who will heed our prayers!

:rose:The Pure Name (Suddha Nam) Appears

And here is a secret that most sadhakas should know. By hankering and crying for Nitai’s mercy while chanting Harinam, Nam Prabhu becomes exceedingly pleased and very soon manifests on our tongue as Suddha Nam. In this way, we reach the level of ruchi very rapidly and become eligible of constantly honouring the holy names on our tongue.

Nitai is very liberal by nature, so taking the slightest qualification He happily gives the highest achievements. For example, sraddha matra loye den parama ananda. Crying for Nitai while chanting shows to Nitai that we have some faith. So Nitai takes that much faith and then in return gives us the highest bliss in the form of the pure name. Krishna waits for that sraddha to become sudridha vishvas, so it takes a long time to cultivate that supreme surrender and become steady in chanting the holy names. But Nitai is very hasty in these dealings regarding giving us prema. Hence, He takes the most insignificant displays of faith from our side as sufficient qualification and immediately gives us a taste of the real thing.

:sunflower: Acquire Gauranga’s Gopya Dhan

Also keep in mind, Nitai prema is the highest attainment of Gaur Krishna prema because it is Gaur Krishna’s hidden treasure, just as Mahaprabhu says that Nitai is His gopya dhan (hidden wealth). Vrindavan das Thakur prays to Gauranga Mahaprabhu to give him loving attachment and service at the lotus feet of Nitaichandra. We can chant in the mood that the first Hare Krishna of the Mahamantra is Sri Krishna Chaitanya. In this way, we are beseeching Gauranga to give us love for Nityananda.

Hare may refer to Gadai. It is mentioned in Chaitanya Bhagavat that the truth of Nityananda Prabhu’s glories is only known to Gadadhar Pandit and He is also the one Who teaches others of Nitai’s glories. Therefore, we should humbly fall at His lotus feet while chanting Hare and beg Him to show us the greatest mercy by revealing the mysterious charita of His life and soul Nityananda Raya.

:rose:The Kripamoy Divine Couple Jahnava Nitai

The Hare Rama in the Mahamantra can pertain to the most merciful divine couple, Sri Sri Jahnava Nitaichandra, Who are famous for granting one the exalted service of Radha Govinda. It is of paramount importance to seek the grace of Nitai shakti Murtimanta Jahnava Thakurani first, so that She may infuse us with Nitai shakti, which will ascertain the success of all our spiritual endeavors.

Jahnava Devi is Nitai Prema Pradayini, so Her merciful glance upon a fortunate soul is like being surcharged with a current of Nitai prema. Nityananda priyam prema bhaktiratna pradyinim. She grants one the jewel of devotional service to Nitaichand, since She is Nitai’s Priyatama - dearmost beloved.

Lastly of course Rama directly addresses Nityananda Rama, the Lord and Master of our chanting. Our heart should melt with bliss and hankering while taking His holy name.

:sunflower: Mahamantra Becomes Audarya Nam

By chanting in the mood described above, even the Mahamantra becomes Audarya Nam by Nitai’s mercy. We get the fruits of chanting Nitai Gaur’s names. Chanting in this mood, we are addressing Nityananda Prabhu and His energies while chanting the holy names…so it becomes His holy name.

What does this mean? No Nam aparadhas, immediate manifestation of ecstatic symptoms, and effortless attainment of prema. When we reach this stage, automatically Krishna appears in our heart and starts dancing. And ultimately, to reiterate this vital point once again, this also calls for the appearance of Suddha Nam…the name descending from Goloka, Who is Sri Krishna Himself, on our tongue and in the chambers of our heart.

:rose:How to Awaken this Nitai Bhava While Chanting?

So now that we have established the bhava in which it will be the most conducive for us to chant the Mahamantra, the big question is: how to awaken this bhava? Answer, very simple. NITAI VAYULEKHAN!

Only Nitai can give us this mood of intense hankering for Him, otherwise how else can we obtain it? Hankering for Nitai can only be generated by Nitai. Also since this mood of chanting for Nitai is very confidential, we need the mercy of Nitai to grasp it and cultivate it within our heart. Actually, Nitai makes our chanting pure and grants us Nam ruchi by showing us how to approach Nam Prabhu in Audarya bhava - which of course means approaching Himself since He is the embodiment of Audarya.

Nitai Vayulekhan is the via medium through which Nitai transmits this hidden bhava to us, the fastest method to ensure the success of our chanting and also give us our cherished goal: Nitai prema.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

(Nitaichand das) #2

Nitaisevika dasi mataji :pray: :pray: :pray: so nicely you have glorified the importance of Sri Nitai’s bhakti in sadhakas life. Super article :pray::pray::pray:Joy Nitai :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

(Prashant Aggarwal) #3

Amazing Nitaisevika mataji , no one might have thought like this before , this is the only way to make HKMM offense less . Nitai Vayulekhan and then chanting in mood of hankering and crying of Our Nitai . Dandvat pranam mataji , such a nice and confidential article it is .

(Bharatishvaridasi) #4

Jay ho ! How nicely you explain ! How you will write in future when you will grow big in age ,cannt imagine !!! If one reads it, will soon be a Nitai devotee !

(Jahnavi dasi) #5

so true… the way she writes is so convincing, so logical, taking care to cover the topic from each and every angle… Nitai knows wat she is going to do when she grows up…

all Glories to our dearmost @nitaisevikadasi prabhvi. :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #6

Thank you so much mataji for continuously pumping up the enthusiasm of this lazy fool. Your words have the power to make anyone keep going. :pray: Need your blessings always

(Nitaisevika dasi) #7

@jahnavidasi prabhvi, I am always aspiring to have a drop of the Guru and Nitai nishtha which you possess. Please shower your blessings on this godsister of yours so that I may cultivate your mood!

(Nitaisevika dasi) #8

Nitai! Thank you so much dear prabhuji for taking out the essence of the article and putting it into words so beautifully :pray: :pray:

(Nimai das) #9

:fu::+1: Speechless :raised_hands::pray: Jaya @nitaisevikadasi mataji