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Call out to the Lord and He WILL respond

(Amy Harilal) #1

Call out to the Lord and He WILL respond

What does it mean to call out to the Lord? To be a devotee? Do they all look or act a certain way? I don’t think so. Anyone could be a devotee and it’s hard to tell externally who is and also who isn’t. People have many ways of saying they are a son or daughter of God, but once they make that statement then they can expect an almost immediate reaction from the Lord and His intimate associates. This divine “reaction” comes in the forms of tests. Tests to see how much of a child of God you really are or want to be. What will you give of yourself to prove your non-attachment to things adverse for spiritual life? What are you willing to sacrifice to prove that you are a trustworthy person for God? That principals mean more to you than, money, fame, popularity, etc?

This is when life gets interesting, and also where it can become extremely challenging.

Lets hope we can all pass the tests that come before us because once upon a time we failed those tests which is why we are forced to re-take the examination again and again until we can pass onto greener pastures and a more beautiful life.