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Bhajan: Nitai is always intoxicated in Love

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Nitaichand sundara chabi manohar
Preme matta hoiya nache Nitai natabara

Sumadhuro nritya kalaa
Ghurnita lochana
Lampha jhampa krita sada
Tribhuvan mohana
Nilambara dhari Prabhu alaukika besh
Nana pushpe sushobhita ghana ghana kesh

Runu jhunu nupura baje duti ranga paya
Pulaka ashru bhora Nitaier shonara parvata kaya
Kadamba maal dole gale
dole abhushan
anande nache jeno sakala abharana

Dharani-dharendra naache, ki adbhut drishya!
Bhumi devi ullase na dharaye chitta
Tala mala kore preme avani mandala
ninadita chahu dike jayadhvani sumangala

Akarshito hoye Gaurachand chute elo!
Dekhe nija bhratar prem, mantramugdha hoilo
Sei darsane vanchita ami kemon durbhagi
Nitaichander bhakter pade sagrahe boshi achi


Our moon-like Nitai is so beautiful! His divine form is exquisitely enchanting to behold. He is an expert dancer, ecstatically dancing maddened in love.

His art of dancing is very very sweet,
And His lotus eyes are constantly rolling about.
He is always jumping to and fro,
captivating the three worlds.
He is adorned in silky blue cloth, oh what a divine attire!
His dark curly locks of hair are decorated with many beautiful forest flowers.

The anklets on His reddish lotus feet are tinkling very sweetly as He dances.
His body, resembling a golden mountain, is covered in goosebumps and tears of ecstasy.
The garland of Kadamba flowers sways gently on His neck, so do His other various ornaments.
It is as if all His ornaments are also dancing in supreme joy and bliss.

The carrier of the entire universe is dancing, oh what a marvellous sight!
The goddess earth cannot contain this jubilation within her heart, hence the ground is shaking and trembling due to the eruption of her love.
The four directions are resounding with auspicious glorifications.

Gauranga has come running, leaving all His tasks behind, attracted by this mad dancing of Nityananda.
Seeing the love of His own brother, He is left spellbound.
I am deprived of witnessing this extraordinary vision, what an unfortunate wretch.
I sit helplessly at the lotus feet of Nitai’s devotees awaiting for their mercy.