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Beautiful Moments with Shrila Gurudev

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

Kartik me Nitai Prachar Sewa ka Mewa !!!

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #2

It was in Kartik, just thanking them for the Nitaiprachar.

(Bharatishvaridasi) #3

A day in Kartik when Guru was so happy in serving his disciples !

(Jahnava Nitai dasi) #4

Oh Lord soo sweet. Your love for your servants is boundless :raised_hands: Dono sevadas prabhus ko mishti mishti kripa mil rahi hai :relaxed::ok_hand::pray:
Heart is jumping seeing the divine loving darshans

(Karta Nitai Das) #5

Waah such a merciful guru, who is personally feeding his disciples with his own hands, and such exalted disciples who pleased their guru so much that he wanted to personally feed them!! :pray::pray:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #6

You were already in too much bliss when I sang Nitai Chalisa when you came here dear daughter. I could observe that from your face. You were feeling the waves of Nitailila.

(Jahnava Nitai dasi) #7

:see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Dearest Gurudev I am hollow completely. Your mercy and love and bhaav for doyal nitai is so contagious that a hollow piece like me is injected with it. I only reflect material vibes but your association is so pure, blissful and invigorating that dull me could feel it.

Gurudev you are zenith of everything I can ever think or expect in my life. After getting some mercy from you I could realize that you have everything spiritual, moral, love, brilliance, intelligence, beauty, purity, wisdom, maturity, kindness, soft heartedness everything everything in its peak. The zenith which is incomparable to express. Understanding even a tiniest fraction of your pure character and stature inundates my heart and I cannot imagine when by your mercy I will realise it. I have understood that all my search and struggles for love, peace, happiness, teachings, satisfaction, idealism, searching a perfect divine personality, Master, everything, throughout all the years so far has finally come to an end on meeting and knowing you and receiving your love and mercy. Your stature is simply divine, out of the world just perfect. There is nothing that one can say that is not in you. And this time when I met you I feel my new life has begun and all my endeavors and hankerings have finally found their destination. The way you used to say ki ek traveller ko kitna ulaas hota hai jab voh apni final destination pe pahunch jaata hai. I feel fully complete and satisfied full at heart on knowing you and Doyal Nitai. Everytime I hear from you, your vani gives a new edge to me in spiritual n material services. I just feel that when I am nowhere, very fallen still your and doyal mercy is too much to gather and maintain then what you and nitaibhakts must be going through when they re already so high. Please forgive me for writing too much though my all the writings are not even shadow but just materialism. I am very grateful to you for everything everything. Tomara karuna saar :pray::pray::pray: Please give your blessings that I remain in proper consciousness in your and doyal nitai seva and devotion, I lack in every aspect and you are just holding onto us due to your big kind gentle soft heart :pray: