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Baldev's mood in Rath Yatra

(Nityanandi dasi) #1

Joy Nitai! Watching Ratha Yatra today made my heart swell up with love when Balabhadra’s chariot started to move forward. The superior extent of His mercy is directly perceivable in this Ratha Yatra lila. Baladevas Ratha is the first to go forward, thereby showing that His love for His devotees surpasses all others. Since the journey of the Ratha Yatra is the sojourn of the 3 Divine Siblings back to Vrindavan to give pleasure to the pining residents of Vraja it is clear that Balarama is the only one to feel the Vrajavasis vipralambha so intensely and reciprocates with more eagerness and speed than His siblings to reunite with His loved ones in Sri Vrindavan Dham, thereby mitigating Their distress and satisfying His own burning desire to please His devotees!