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Astonishing results by keeping Faith in Nitainam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:hibiscus:Never become so obsessed with being “practical” in devotional service that Nitai is forced to think that we are more comfortable relying on our own resources and capabilities rather than on the power of His own mercy.

:hibiscus: Just do the needful on your part and keep full faith in Nitaichand’s prowess. But never let this fact slip out of your consciousness that ultimately it is all Nitai. Only Nitai!

:hibiscus:Nitai is such that He makes even the unimaginable into tangible reality right before our eyes. The “practically impossible” becomes “practical” before we even know it or can hope for it to ever happen. So, actually, depending on Nitai is the most PRACTICAL thing to do, believe it or not.

:hibiscus:When in a dreadful situation, dharma sankat, never hesitate to put up your two hands to helplessly call out to Nityananda Prabhu. Many people may give us many suggestions of what to do…but all plans of this material world are susceptible to failure and have so many loopholes. Nitai, on the other hand, is not only fully cognizant of our position, He is also invincible - so are His arrangements.

:hibiscus:Faith compels even Krishna to come at our disposal. If we have the staunch faith that “avashya rakshibe Krishna,” then He is forced to give us His shelter and maintain us in all situations. What then to speak of Nitai…who is always on the look out for the hopeless souls anyway.

:hibiscus:If you invest your faith in Nitai, He will never let you down. That investment of faith will keep adding up with interest and make you the richest person in the world.

:hibiscus:For Nitai, we should be ready to do anything and everything…take every risk we can…use every resource available to us. If we dedicate our full focus on Nitai, then when it comes to ourselves, Nitai will take care without doubt. Yogakshema vahamyaham. The help will come to us. That is also a source of great joy…to witness our miraculous Lord’s expert workings in various situations. It is always blissful to watch how Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna arrange everything.

:hibiscus:The happiness acquired from depending on the Lord cent percent and seeing how He continuously maintains us without fail is unmatched. It is not selfishness, since the Lord Himself is always thirsty to see even a drop of such firm conviction within us.

:hibiscus:When we think of Nitai as our savior and hero, He feels so much pleasure…that His inclination to look after us increases even more. He beams on seeing that we are dependent on HIM and only HIM! Our intimacy with Nitai grows deeper. Bhakata prana mana nayak he!

:hibiscus:Nitai is always grateful for every grain of faith we offer to Him. In fact, He feels more than just gratitude, He feels indebted. He will return this debt in whatever means possible. In fact He returns the fruits in exponential quantity, in comparison to what was first offered. So give Him as much of your faith as you can! And then…sraddha matra loye den parama ananda!

:hibiscus:Give Nitai the full ownership of your sraddha bank.

:hibiscus:The Namakshar-akar of Nitainam is not a vastu (object), it is a vyakti (person). It is Nitai Himself. Just as the Shabda Brahman swarupa of Sri Nama (the holy names in their form as pure transcendental sound vibration) is the Lord Himself, so it is true for His name syllables also.

(vishal nitai) #2

Joy Nitai
Very true
So intense and practical.
Thanks for sharing :pray::pray:

(Komal ) #3

Joy Joy Nitai! Thank you for such an amazing article @nitaisevikadasi mji.:pray::pray::blush: