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Answer to Brajanath Das's Question

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:maple_leaf: Dear Brajanath Das , Dandavat pranams. All glories to Srila Narayan Maharaj. Thank you so much for your kind-hearted and humbly reply. I am no one to bless anyone dear prabhuji. You have to bless me.

According to Chaitanya Bhagavat:

nityananda-prasade se vaishnavere chini
nityananda-prasade se ninda jara kshaya
(Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya 22.135-136)

“One understands the devotees only by Nitai’s mercy. And only by His mercy, we can be free of vaishnava-aparadha and ninda forever.”

I believe that we cannot respect all Vaishnavas properly just by our own efforts. It needs mercy from above. And that mercy according to Srila Vrindavan das Thakur is Nitai’s mercy, as Nitai is the cumulation of all Devotees and Gurus. As Srila Narayan Maharaj used to say that Nitai is the Samashti Guru Tattva.

This is also confirmed in last chapter of Navadvaipa-dham-mahatmya by Jiva Goswami who says that the trinad api sunichena mood is required to properly respect all the Vaishnavas and for sambandha gyana, and that is given to us by Nitaichand Himself.

All Gurus are servants of Nitai. The goal of Guru Bhakti is Nitai Bhakti so we can become qualified for Radha Bhakti (nitaiera karuna habe, vraje radha krishna pabe). So no Guru would tell us to not to do Nitainam kirtan for Harinam-Siddhi, in addition to our Lakshanam. No Guru would say that worshiping himself is more important than worshiping Nitai, as that would amount to mayavada. Because Srila Narottam das Thakur says that without Nitai, we can’t get Radha Krishna. So every Guru, who is a manifestation of Nitai’s mercy only, will guide us to Nitai eventually. In fact, every Guru’s very existence, purpose, and mission is to send us to Nitai so that we become qualified for Radha-dasyam. As Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada said that Radhika does not accept those souls who have not surrendered to worshiping Nitai first.

There is a very striking verse in the Prema-vivarta on this discussion about Guru Bhakti and Nitai Gaura Bhakti. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a maha-bhagavata as their Guru or even to find one in this world so easily in Kaliyuga. So what should these souls do? And even a mahabhagavata guru’s ultimate goal is to guide us towards Radha-dasyam and Rupa-anugatya through Nitai and Jahnava (Ananga manjari), as that is the only way. (Nitai VINE bhai, Radha Krishna paite NAI).

sadhu paoya kashta bada jivera janiya
sadhu-bhakta-rupe krishna aila nadiya
(Prema Vivarta by Srila Jagadananda, 7.8)

“Knowing that finding a truly pure sadhu and guru in Kaliyuga is almost next to impossible, Krishna appeared as the real Sadhus and Gurus: Nitai Gaura, in Navadvipa.”

Harinam is undoubtedly the Yugadharma. I agree that we can chant Shuddha Harinam by chanting constantly and by very carefully trying to avoid the ten offenses by respecting all Vaishnavas. And that is one way. But to get the relish and nam-sphurtis to chant constantly and properly respect Vaishnavas also comes from Nitai’s mercy. So there is another way of kripa-siddhi which is do some Nitainam kirtan, as Srila Narottam das Thakur, (“nitai” na bolilo mukhe), Srila Krishna das Kaviraj (“nityananda” balite haya krishna premodoya). Srila Vrindavan das Thakur (“nitai” boliya du bahu tuliya cholibo vrajera pure), Srila Bhaktivinoda (o nāme aparādha-vicāra to nāi he ), Srila Bhaktisiddhanta (in CB 2.3.134 Anubhashya), and so many acharyas have instructed us (

Only Harinam has to be chanted on japa mala. That is our main sadhana to gradually reach laksha nam. That can never be compromised or replaced. But if some daily Nitainam kirtan like humming Nitainam (also called as Gunjan) without any japa mala and singing Nitai Lila kirtan helps us to chant Harinam with true relish in a much shorter time, as it is recommended by the Acharyas also, then what is the harm in doing it additionally as a daily practice? We sing Nitai’s bhajans to receive His mercy, so singing or humming Nitainam is also a prayer to Him to grant us Shuddha Harinam, because He is the Mula Bhandari and Mula Mahajan of Harinam, as described in the Godruma Kalpatavi by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Even Srila Haridas Thakur and Srila Rupa Goswami are described as Anshi Bhandaris who receive the Harinam from Nitai. (nitai ki nam enechi re, harinam mala ganthi dila jagatjane, tumi kimbe krishna nam, khoda Nitai, patiyache namhatta jivera karana)

I humbly submit these points for your kind consideration. I don’t want to convince anyone about anything. I am so grateful to you for this chance of Hari-katha with an open mind as Srila Narayan Maharaj always wanted. Dandavats again.