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An Empowered Nitai Pracharak~ Nitaisevika dasi

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #1

Joy Joy Nitai! Appreciation audio for @nitaisevikadasi prabhvi by Shrila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev​:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::scream::scream::scream::scream:

(Manjari dasi) #2

Joy Joy Nitaaaaiiiiii !!! Joy Nitai sevika dasi prabhvi !!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::pray::pray::pray::pray:
Dandavat pranam Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and all the devotees. :pray::pray:
Waiting for the audio to download… :heart_eyes:

(Bharatishvaridasi) #3

Jay ho ,dear Nitaisevika ,however we say for her is not enough in her praise ,we respect her most !

We are very very very proud of you !

You are our leader after Nitaipreshthji whom we can ask any question and you give so Nitaimaya satisfactory answer like Maharaj !

Your mind and heart are treasures of Nitai nector !I feel sad when I see that no one is appreciating it in Facebook !
Even after they see your picture there !

(rachnahk108) #4

Jay Jay! All glories to our dear most Nitai sevika dasi prabhvi. :pray::raised_hands:

All glories to Nitai Mani das prabhuji :pray::raised_hands::raised_hands:
What a wonderful glorification by Srila Gurudev.:raised_hands: Each and every word spoken for you is so so perfect and heart melting. Yes ,we are proud of you. Your writings are one of the most beautiful thing in Nitai Vayulekhan mission. I am so many times got surprised after reading your matchless articles. I pray to Nitai that Nitai always shower millions and millions of merciful glance on you so that you can write ,sing and glorify Nitai like anything. Thank you so much for giving your association. I am so thankful to Nitai that I am having a very sweet little God sister. May Nitai always bless you. Dandavat pranaams unto your lotus feet :pray::pray:
Keep on writing!!

Joy Nitai!
Yes Mataji! She is a store house of Nitai necter.One day whole world will recognize this by Nitai and Gurudev krpa. :raised_hands::raised_hands::pray::pray:

(Jahnavi dasi) #5

ohh Nitai unable to wait even for downloading the audio… Jaya ho @nitaisevikadasi prabhvi ki… :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

(Hem Gauranga das) #6

All glories to Shrila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva…All glories to Nitaisevikadasimg. .All glories to Nitaimanidaspg. .

While hearing this entire divine vani peacefully, attentively n carefully on the extraordinary qualities of HG Nitaisevikadasimg I am really experiencing the bliss n peace! ! Day by day more n more avirat dhara of lekhanmay amrit is astonishingly emnating from the lotus mouth n lotus hands of dear Nitaisevikadasimg !!
Shrila Gurudeva has perfectly said that those who have real n deep love for Nitai can’t seat quite like when people make the fanclub they keep on speaking, doing contineously out of love! !
Nitaisevikadasimg’ s love, faith, attachment Is undoubtedly unique, incredible n unparalleled! ! She is indeed a very big proud of this most magnanimous mission of NitaiChand! ! Her deep divine realisations surely touches the heart, penetrate deeply n boosting enthusiasam more n more to love Nitai! ! He Nitai when people of this world would become fortunate n would b able to accept U, understand Ur most merciful nature n Ur blind n lavish mercy through the awesome essays written by Ur pure devotees like Nitaisevikadasimg, Nitaimanidaspg. Nityananidasimg…!! Without the full mercy, kripa, satisfcation of our own guru how a desciple can make the rapid progress in attaining bhavadkripa…yasya prasadad bhagvad prasadad…!! Undoubtedly u all have won the heart n mind of our Gurudeva with Ur untiring constant loving endevaours for the true welfare of present society! !! Such rarest divine articles can’t b obtained by paying the combined total values of mines of true gems, diamonds n gold! !

Such heartily appreciation by the bonafide sp.master increases the value of these articles manyfold times n gets authentic approval as an absolute eternal truth! !! Even it become more tastier to relish without keeping even a slightest trace of shanshaya. !! Such paise surely changes our way of vision towards magnanimous n empowered pure devotees like U! ! I feel very happy n comfortable n safe as already I had accepted u somany months ago as one of my shikshaGuru! !!

How wonderfully Gurueva is expressing n reflecting their most humble genuine nature when they says…U have properly n deeply n correctly understood His mood but they themselves wonders whether they have understood mood of U! !:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️
Please never keep ur pen down…Keep pateint…One day people will realise the real value n need of Nitaibhakti! !! I feel personally when Lord in vipralambha bhava relishes more pleasure inside similarly when people don’t accept our offerings we r inspired to tell them more with diff.diff.angles n vision! ! But b sure behind all this scenarios Nitai is there n He is relishing more n more with what we do with love for Him! ! God who can even change the free will n who is real director behind everything of the creation can do anything n everything like what He has miraculously shown by empowering small sweet children like U n Nitaimanidaspg n ofcourse Nityanandidasimg… !! Ye sab Nitaikihi lila hei bhai…

I wish I keep writing more n more for u all forever. .

Joy joy Nitai. Jai Gurudeva…jai Gruvarga…Nitisevikadaimgki jai, Nitaimanidaspg ki jai…Nityanandidasimg ki jai…

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #7

Wah! I thank Nitai that you got Jio and could download this 40 mn audio so fast. Your realizations are so good dear @HemGaurangadas, I may to record an audio just for that. Thank you for patiently listening to this long audio during your work day and expressing so heartfelt words about it.

(Hem Gauranga das) #8

Thank U dear Gurudeva for Ur inspiring words for fallen like me…joy joy Nitai…:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️…I am still paying more for 3G…vodafone.they will start soon 4G.I have already purchased reliance mobile who offer 4G free for 3 months n probably that would b activated soon…!:raised_hands::rose::raised_hands:

(Nimai das) #9

Thank You dear @NitaiBS Gurudeva for recording this wonderful glorification of our @nitaisevikadasi. The future of our Mission is very bright knowing we have such empowered and wonderful Nitaibhaktas like @nitaisevikadasi mataji and @nitaimani das prabhu among us! :pray::raised_hands:

(Nitaichand das) #10

Wonderful glorification of Nitaisevika dasi mataji and Nitaimani das prabhuji by Gurudev :pray: :pray: :pray: They truly deserve what Gurudev has said… millions of dandavats at your lotus feet​:pray::pray::pray:kindly keep me always in your association. :pray: :pray: :pray: Joy Nitai :raised_hands: :raised_hands: Joy Gurudev :pray: :pray: :pray:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #11

Joy Nitai! My unlimited obeisances at the lotus feet of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev and all the Nitaipriya sevaks. Please forgive the insolence of this unimaginably fallen soul for not replying earlier, I was too stunned, shocked and flabbergasted by the unconditional outpour of causeless mercy on the most undeserving of all. :sob::sob::sob: I am still at a loss of words. The whole world seems to have come to a halt. Nitaipreshthji has surpassed all the possible benchmarks of bestowing mercy without a cause by glorifying His own fallen aspiring servant, who is a disgrace even on the name of a disciple. :sob: I am made of all of your mercy and that is my only sustenance…there is no alternative to this. Yet I always overlook all of your mercy, please forgive this fallen soul. I am eternally indebted to each and every Nitaibhakt here…and to even say thank you would be unjust…since these two words have no power to truly express what I should be returning to all of you.

My only pain is that I am aware that I have yet not developed even a drop of the qualities my spiritual master has described…and all that I do have is only by His grace anyway. My only prayer to Nitai henceforth is that He may infuse me with the necessary strength to live up to the words of His dearmost associate and representative. Guru mukha padma vakya chittete koriya aikya, aar jeno na kori mone ash he Nitai!

I am so shameless to take all the credit of these Nitai writings, since the ultimate truth is that they have all come only from Nitaipreshthji’s vani. So the powerhouse and inexhaustible source of all Nitai rasamrita can only be our merciful master. Yet just like Nitai’s loves giving credit to His devotees, Doyal Gurudev seems to derive greater pleasure in giving the credit of His own doings to His disciples (irrespective of whether it is a puffed up impostor like me). Whatever good are in my writings are by His grace alone, and the discrepancies are due to my own vices.

My only aspiration is that by the blessings and empowerment of all the Nitaisevaks here, I may rise up to the level of actually glorifying Guru and Nitai with all that I have. May the dust of all your lotus feet grant me the service of humbly trying to write for Nitai till my last breath, and life after life.

(Jahnavi dasi) #12

Joy Nitai Dandvata pranaams Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and all Nitaisevaks. Nitai :sob::sob: Your glories are unfathomable dear prabhvi… you mercifully appeared for delivering millions by your extraordinary Posts, bhajans and lectures which our oozing with deep, intense and unadulterated love for Nitai, His exalted associates and his Dedicated sevaks. You are the one who has helped me too much in my difficult times… Your sweet Nitaimaya bhajans and posts have helped me immensely by converting my most degraded consciousness and making it Nitaimaya… Each and every word becomes so blissful and ecstatic wen sung or written by you. Words fail when it comes to describe their potential to melt stone hearted, and the most egoistic and envious person like me.
Your love for Nitai and Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva is unparalled. You are one of the crest jewels and our most adorable and loving godsister, always so sweet like mishti doi. You are like a transcendental Nitaily (Nitaimaya butterfly) always singing glories of Nitai and his dear bhaktas with all strength you possess. This is the most honourable aspect which makes me simply admire you!!! Even though you are already glorifying and writing for Nitai’s pleasure there is no limit to your eagerness to glorify more and more… and it is increasing day by day… Isnt it too extraordinary?? No doubt it is because of your previous life hardcore bhajan and empowerment of Srila Gurudeva and whole Guru parampara. and The most astonishing thing however is that even though you are the right hand of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva as you are glorifying Nitai so much for us as well as for future generations, pride never touches you… how rare it is!!! How much sublime your humility is!!! And you never miss the chance of glorifying any Nitaibhakta for no matter how much insignificant sewa one has done. Noone can stop himself from being glorified by you… Nitaaaaaiiii :scream::scream:
The way you glorify Nitaibhaktas is as if you are living with them… it leaves me everytime in awe… This is the most unique and astonishing quality you possess. you know the depths of all secrets. Before Nitai Vayulekhan was introduced to us, you were practicing and addicted by writing Nitai everywhere! This shows that you are really empowered By Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and understand his mood which is the most important quality of a Disciple.
The Bhajans that you write are filled with so much craving and gratefulness. No doubt you are born Nitai bhakta! and Serving Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and Nitai is in your blood!
You never miss the chance of inspiring and motivating all of us by your posts, your aacharan, your daily sadhana… How can we forget the days when you used to motivate us to do Vayulekhan by reporting 10 vayulekhan rounds completed! 20 rounds completed…! The way you manage everything be it your studies, sadhana, writing sewa, recording bhajans and lectures, composing bhajans, technical sewas etc. etc. and that too with perfection is really beyond the range of understanding for my dull and tiny brain!!
You are everyone’s dulaari dearest prabhvi… so i want to please beg for your mercy and prayers that i can also serve and sing the never ending glories of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva, Nitaibhaktas, Nitai Vayulekhan one day by your mercy. My unlimited thanks to Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva, Nitai and Nitaimani das prabhuji for mercifully giving the association of such an exalted and rare Nitaibhakta!!! Please forgive me for glorifying her in the most insignificant way!! may Nitai forgive me for this poor attempt. :pray:t2::pray:t2: