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Advait Saptami Special

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Joy Nitai! Wishing everyone a very ecstatic Advaita Saptami! All glories to the one who is Advaita (nondifferent) from Lord Nityananda and who’s life and soul is His Prabhu and Bandhu Nitai. He is nondifferent from Patal Shiva in Ekachakra dham who uproariously cries in ecstasy when Nitai appears, and without Who’s mercy it is impossible to enter into Ekachakra. Just like it is due to the blessings of Advaita Gosai that Sachi Mata and Jagannath Misra begot Vrajendranandan Krishna as Their son (Sripad Gosai gave them the Gaur Gopal mantra), in the same way it is due to Patal Shiva’s blessings and boundless mercy upon Hadai Pandit…that Rohininandan finally appeared in His home after such a long waiting. It is Sri Advaita Gosai who induces Nitaichand to appear, therefore only He can grant us the benediction of Nitai appearing in our heart. He comes before Nityananda Trayodashi just to fulfill this purpose, to ensure Nitai will make His divine appearance in our heart. Let’s bash our head at Advaita Gosai’s lotus feet that He will grant us the shelter of His Nitaichand.


Today I was trying to submerge myself into Advaita Acharya’s prayers to Sri Nityananda Ram and I am still dumbstruck and flabbergasted by the beauty of such an unequalled vandana. They are so exquisitely beautiful. After reading these prayers I realized that indeed only Advaita Acharya could have had the potency in this whole universe to glorify His Nitaichand in such an extraordinary manner, which would be impossible for anyone else. On top of that, it sounds even sweeter because of Vrindavan das Thakur (the foremost devotee of Nityananda) is the one penning it down in his sweet words.

The way Advaita Gosai establishes Nitai’s supreme position as the maintainer, creator and sustainer of the universe…the most beloved and topmost servitor of Lord Chaitanya and as the fountainhead of all loving mellows of devotional service… along with the other insuperable glories of the Lord is just so wonderful. It will captivate the minds of even those souls who are not so devotionally inclined to Lord Nityananda.

It’s so wonderful how Advaita Acharya reveals the greatest secrets about Nityananda and unravels the truth of His elevated position. Everything within a capsule. It is like if someone simply understands these prayers then they will grasp Nitai in their hearts. Sri Advaita Gosai is Maha Vishnu (the expansion of the expansion of Nityananda Balaram) and Sadashiva who worships his Ishta dev Sankarshan incessantly by chanting His name, glorifying Him, meditating upon Him, etc. Therefore it is not astonishing to see Him glorify Nitai like this, in fact it is so sweet (and adorable ) that He is utilizing the golden chance in Gaur lila to openly propagate His Prananath’s mahima.

I feel as if these prayers summarize Nitai’s glories from Chaitanya Charitamrta Adi lila Chapter 5 where Nityananda Prabhu’s glories are elaborately described by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami.

When will I understand the inner purports of these esoteric prayers? I am feeling so fallen and unfortunate that being a hard headed fool I cannot penetrate into the inner meaning of these prayers. I pray to Sitanath that He will bestow mercy upon me to understand His Lord and Master Nitai.

Doya koro sitapati Advaita Gosai, tava kripa bole pai Chaitanya Nitai

I fall flat at my Gurudev’s lotus feet begging for his mercy…otherwise I have no hope to absorb even a tiny tiny drop of Nitai’s glories. When will that day be mine when I will actually relish the sweet honey of Nitai’s glories instead of licking the outside of the bottle?

:point_up_2:A prayer from last Advaita Saptami :innocent:

:tulip:It was Advaita Acharya who was the first one to understand that Krishna’s elder brother Balaram had made His divine advent in this world. And knowing so, He roared so loudly in jubilation and ecstasy, it penetrated the layers of this universe.

shantipura nath mane harashita kori kichu anumaan
antare janilo bujhi janamilo krishnera agraja rama

Lord Nitai is very hidden. All the Vaishnavas were experiencing inexplicable bliss in their heart during His appearance, but they could not determine the cause. Actually Nitaichand’s nature is like that - He gives everyone the ultimate happiness, while Himself remaining hidden due to His humility. But He cannot hide from Sitanath. Advaita Acharya is very expert in exposing Nityananda. He and Gaurhari both perform this task with immense pleasure. Since He is nondifferent (advaita) from Nitai, He can reveal the true position of Nityananda to whomever He wills.

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #2

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
Sri Advaita Acaryadev is known to be nondifferent (Advaita) from Lord Gauranga.

Likewise Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu are (Advaita) nondifferent.

In this same connection, we can understand that Sri Advaita Acaryadev is nondifferent from the Nityananda Prabhu that we know and love. I feel immense pleasure when this time of the year comes around.

Joy Advaita Nitai!

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #3

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
Just as we are guaranteed Nitai’s mercy eternally by approaching His internal potencies, namely Sri Jahnava and Vasudha Maharanijis; we must also take the shelter of Srimati Sita Thakuraniji if we are desiring the unconditional shelter of the one who will give us all Gaura Nitai, Sri Advaita Acaryadev.

“doya koro sita-pati adwaita gosai
tava krpa-bale pai caitanya-nitai”

“My dear Advaita Prabhu, husband of Sita, You are so kind. Please be merciful to me. If You are kind to me, naturally Lord Caitanya and Nityananda will also be kind to me.”
~Srila Narrotam das Thakur Mahasaya

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #4

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
“And hear one more thing, O Krsna Dasa! There are also those wicked persons amongst My own devotees who do not recognise Gaura. Sri Gauranga is My Lord and I am His servant— My entire meal consists of His foot-dust. Anyone who does not recognise Goura, the worshipable Lord of My life, is rejected by Me. All these low persons are considered averse to Krsna and they are never qualified to serve the deity of Sri Krsna. A son who truly follows the religion of his father is the real son. Such is the verdict of the Vedas.” ~Sri Advaita Acaryadev (Advaita Prakasha)

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #5

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
If you pray very intensely to Sri Advaita Acaryadev in His deity form in Nitai Nam Akshar, you will see Him with His hands together and Ganga Devi spraying from the top of His Divine Head.