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Abhaya daata nitainam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:sweat_drops: The only way 2 frolic in d ocean of Bhakti is by drowning! How 2 do?
samsarera par hoiya bhaktir sagare
je dubibe se bhajuk nitaichandere

:sweat_drops: Nitaier charana satya tahara sevak nitya! One can become ‘abhaya charan’ only if one has the cooling shelter of Nitai padakamala, as per NDT

:sweat_drops: A servant of Nitai has nothing to fear! Nitai is personally guarding their bhakti lata from all dangers. Nitai das sada bindas,baki sab udas

:sweat_drops: By singing Nitai’s audarya Nam, one is saved from every anarth, paap & aparadha performed by mind, word or deed. Nitai gives one abhay daan

:sweat_drops:Whether committed in the past, present or future, by taking shelter of Nitainam, all our offenses are sure to be obliterated by Doyal Nitai.

:sweat_drops: Since anything related to Nitai (His name, abode, etc) is aparadha bhajana, it is also abhaya karta! The one that grants total fearlessness!

:sweat_drops: It is possible to render LOVING devotional service only when there is no fear.Otherwise itll be in awe/reverence. ONLY Nitai can remove this